Time and Brain Saver tip #1

Okay, my first life saver tip is meal planning.  Now I know we've all heard this, but let me explain.....What is the hardest part of cooking for the family?  Deciding what to make right?  One kid likes one thing, someone wants something else, etc etc.  I feel like someone is always complaining.  Please tell me I am not alone in this!!  

So, In a moment of frustration, I called a family meeting and got all of my cooks out. I told everyone, including my husband, to find 10-15 dinners they want to have in the next couple of weeks.  

As a family, we planned out 3 months of dinners.  Everyone is happy because everyone picked meals they like.  (I told them no complaining on other peoples  meal day because they picked the same amount of meals as everyone else). 

Something so small truly has been amazing!  

*No more complaining (well, at least less).

*No more asking me what's for dinner (we have a calendar where it's all written down).

*No more last minute scrambles to put something together (I put the easy/or going out meals on busy days. I put longer prep meals on the weekend when my husband can help).

TRY IT OUT!  Tell me what you think.